IPS Insurance offers an exclusive process for securing competitively sourced personal insurance contracts for individuals and businesses.

Our typical client is a sophisticated investor who prefers to be a smart buyer, rather than being sold to.

Our innovative process benefits our clients, as well as their trusted advisors. To our clients, we bring complete transparency and market clout to the insurance procurement process. For their advisors, underwriting surprises are avoided, creating opportunities for more effective planning and servicing.

Find our more about how our insurance and underwriting specialists can help you take control of your insurability.

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Simon Kay – Bio

Simon has over twenty years experience in the insurance industry. He was a Senior consultant with Towers Perrin for several years where he was responsible for the strategic management of many Fortune 1000 company relationships in areas of executive compensation, pension and benefit plans and vendor procurement.

Simon left Towers Perrin to start Insurance Platform Solutions (IPS). IPS developed interactive tools and software to assist Investment Dealers in building their insurance practice. IPS delivered its innovative content and tools to the IDA and MGA channel via a web portal called the IPS Gateway. It also retained as clients the major insurance carriers in Canada including Sun Life, RBC, Manulife, AIG and Standard Life.

Prior to his role at Towers Perrin, Simon owned and operated several insurance-related companies including third party benefit administration, sales training and traditional insurance brokerage. All business ventures focused on process improvements and the creation of new industry best practices. This was all motivated by the clients’ need for control, transparency and the highest service levels available.

Simon founded IPS Insurance in 2005. IPS is the exclusive provider of Advocacy Underwriting services. IPS clients’ demand client centric representation in an otherwise insurer centric market. Client engagements primarily include strategic planning and independent insurability assessments prior to applying for insurance coverage. By understanding their insurability risk, IPS empowers clients to “prepare” themselves so that they can truly shop their coverage needs and obtain the best the market has to offer. The business was launched to deliver premium insurance procurement representation to the family office and executive market.

Simon is CEO and heads up business development for the firm as well as the lead for strategic underwriting activities.

Simon is married to Jennifer and is a dedicated and active father of Jackson (11) and Josh (6).

IPS Insurance is a division of 1486297 Ontario Inc.
Contact us for more information. Tel: (416) 943-0300 | Email: info@ipsinsurance.ca
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